We’re thinking of moving…

Not out of Wilmington of course. Well, technically I guess it is out of Wilmington and into Leland (or LA as it is called around here for the Leland Area) which is just across the river from downtown Wilmington. But mainly we want a new house. One with a bigger, usable kitchen, a garage (large enough for 2 cars or Mark’s power tools), a little more space (600 sq. feet more than we have now with the house we are looking at), a screened-in porch, and a FROG.

The house we want and will hopefully get once they begin accepting contacts on is in a new subdivision that is being built called The Willows (www.thewillowsnc.com). We want the Oleander II style. We better get it because between the two of us, we’ve already planned out where everything will go in the house (pictures included) and it’ll be a huge let down if we don’t get it.

So we’ve begun the process of readying our current house for the market. The colorful walls are no more in the main rooms and in their place are drab sand colored walls which make the off-white trim look dirty. So we’re having to paint all the trim and doors too. But hopefully it’ll make it easier to sell. We can live with drab if we know a new house is in the works!


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