Lot 12

So today we wrote up a contract to buy lot 12 in The Willows! After going to the model home with Dad and Susan and learning they were taking contracts, Mark and I decided to move on the house quickly. We were deciding between two lots (19 and 12) and after driving to Leland and walking around the site, we realized that lot 19 was backed up to Hwy. 17. Not really what we were looking for in a new back yard.

So lot 12 it is.

We picked out all of the colors in the house (flooring, cabinets, vinyl siding, carpet, paint, etc) and we should be able to move in in September. It will be a light gray house with slate teal (like slate blue but more teal) shutters and doors. The kitchen cabinets and counter will look very similar to this picture (that is the exact counter top style we are getting – Himalaya Slate). Mark wanted this gorgeous black granite look but luckily I convinced him to go a little lighter so the kitchen didn’t look like a “black hole” (his words, not mine). We’ll keep this updated with pictures once construction starts.

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