Tonight I’m going to make drinks at the Shamrock Shindig – a fundraising dance party orchestrated by two wonderful teenagers whom I know from Smudged Pot. Christina and Lara were both adopted when they were very young, and their parents and older sister, Erica, run an adoption agency that helps children in other countries get placed with families in the US. I’ve known these girls for a few years and I am so impressed that at 13- and 14-years old, they’ve put together this whole initiative to raise money to send to children in orphanages. At more than 10 years older than them, I’m still not that active in helping others. The most I do is give my leftovers to the homeless every week after trivia. These girls rock. And I am incredibly proud to know them. Knowing that there are families like the Bergerons out there, makes me want to be a much better person. And hopefully by knowing them, some of their amazingness will rub off on me.