Leave This City

Ashleypalooza. That’s what we’re calling it. There could be no other way to describe the week-long celebration of all things Ashley. We’ve known for a few months that this day was coming, but we all secretely hoped that she would change her mind. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be the case.

Her office is cleaned out, her bags are packed. She really is leaving us.

I’ve only known her six months and I don’t feel as if that were enough time. I recently told Debbie that I want to be Ashley when I grow up and I meant it. If I could be even a fraction of the smart, witty, creative girl that Ashley is, I would be very happy with who I am.

I hate that she’s leaving because I’ll miss her. But I hate more that I don’t get to learn from her. Even though she’s only two years older than me, I see her a role model. Someone I can aspire to be. And the fact that she has already achieved this level at 28 is inspiring. And amazing.

I’m going ot miss talking Potter with her and sharing the latest juicy romance novel scenes we’ve both read. I’m going to miss her sitting on the credenza in Allison’s and my office. I’m going to miss her laugh and her easy way of teaching. But most of all I’m going to miss all the good times I know we would have had. Have fun in Georgia, Ash. And know that you will be missed every day.


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