The End of an Era

The Gilmore Girls are gone. Tonight I feel like I had to say goodbye to my best friends. For 5 years now, I have been glued to my television on Tuesday nights enthralled by their wit. I have laughed with them and at them, cried with them and for them. There have been times when I didn’t agree with their decisions, but I stood by them because I love them.
I have spent more time with them than most of my family and friends and it is becoming extremely hard to let go. I spent the better part of an hour crying (hard enough that I was having trouble breathing at times) during their final hurrah tonight. The last half hour I cried straight through the commercials.

I know most of you will think I’m crazy for being so attached to fictional characters. But I am a writer. As Visha likes to say “I live in a world of lies.” Lorelai and Rory may not be real, but to me they were treasured friends who will be missed dearly.
These girls went out in style. They came full circle, sitting in the diner talking a mile-a-minute as Luke worked around them. The camera panned back and the conversation faded leaving our girls in the middle of their lives without me.

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