As I do every year, I made my sister a CD for her birthday. I usually try to intorduce her ot new music I think she will like as well as throw in some favorites from our childhood and teen years. I struggled with this one because I didn’t have any music to put on it. So I began scrambling and just looking up songs from TV and movies and I ended up with one that is pretty damn good. See for yourself:

Crucify-Tori Amos
The World Spins Madly On-Weepies
Good to Me-Inara George
Sway-The Perishers
Beautiful-Adrienne Pierce
Superhuman-Cinder Road
In the Mean Time-Spacehog
Le Disco-Shiny Toy Guns
Six Feet Under-Neve
Monster-Meg & Dia
Shadow of the Day-Linkin Park
Cold Hands Warm Heart-Brenden Benson
Back To Life-Soul II Soul
Unsingable Name-Mike Daughty
Thanks for the Memories-Fall Out Boy
Sweet Sacrifice-Evanescence