Not For Another Ten Years

The move is finally upon us and luckily we have cool parents who are coming in our time of need. Dad and Susan came on Monday to help pack, clean and physically move us into the new house. I took the week off of work so that I could spend time with them and get things in order. We had most things packed and organized so that unpacking would be easy.

Each box was labeled with the cointents and in which room it would go in the new house so that whoever carried it inside would know where to put it. The system was almost fool proof. The closing however wasn’t.

A few headaches, like the water being turned off a day early and having to go down to the county office and complain and trying to work out how to close on Morley and have the money transfered from one lawyer to the other so that we had the downpayment on Sweet Bay, made it all a little stressful, but we survived.

Now were in and quickly unpacking because Mark’s family is coming and we need to have furtniture put together so they have beds to sleep in and locate towels so that they can bathe. Too bad it can’t all put itself away. Tonks knew how to do that.


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