Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Is it bad that all I could think of during half of Sweeney Todd was that Barbara Streisand sings “Not While I’m Around” on one of her CD’s?

Seriously though, damn good movie. I mean it starts with three Potter actors Snape (Alan Rickman), Bellatrix (Helena Bonham Carter) and Wormtail (Timothy Spall) and then adds in Johnny Depp. You can’t go wrong.

But you do need to be OK with blood, guts and crunching noises as bodies hit the floor underneath the trapdoor where they are then turned into meat pies to be consumed by patrons of the restaurant. Even if you are squeamish (like I am) go see this movie! Just remember to avert your eyes and plug yuor ears whenever anyone goes in for a haircut.


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