As it turns out

So today, my boss took the day-to-day contact with one of my favorite clients away from me. It’s because, I was told, I am not firm enough with him. He likes to be put in his place and told when something he wants can’t be done. But I am the type of person who will do whatever it takes to make my clients happy no matter how frustrating or hard it is for me. That, I thought, was my job.

Turns out I have been disillusioned for the past year and a half. My job is really to be a psychic and know how people like to be handled without being told. My job is to be an extrovert who loves people and is good in social situations, someone who always says and does the right things. My job is to wow everyone all the time. I can do none of those things.

After work, I made it down Eastwood to College before I started to cry. It seems that my top strengths, from the famed Strengths Finder test that my boss loves so much, all came crashing down on me on the drive – Relator, Achievor, Responsibility – resulting in having to face the fact that I failed months ago, but I just wasn’t smart enough to see it.

These are the things I’ve learned from this:

  • The mascara Mark put in my stocking at Christmas is not waterproof
  • Being a nice person gets you nowhere in life and garners you no respect
  • As I suspected all along, I am not cool enough to do my job

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