Beware the wrath of angry Twilight fans

To the jackass who leaked portions of Midnight Sun on the internet-

Just who the hell do you think you are? Midnight Sun was not yours to distribute to the masses. You were given a copy because you were a trusted friend (or possibly even family member). And what do you do? You betray not only Stephanie Meyer, but also the legion of now devestated fans, by being the world’s biggest ass.

As a writer, I am horrified by your blatant disregard for the legal copyright of Midnight Sun. As a fan, I am furious and devestated that you have potentially ended a story that I have been dying to sink into. (So furious in fact that I’m close to wishing you bodily harm. Serious harm that would help the overwhelmingly global impact of your actions sink in far enough that you are never quite right again!)

Did you think that we’d all be so voracious to read the unfinished manuscript that your betrayal would be forgiven? Because of you and your selfishness, the world may never know Edward’s story. (I may never know Edward’s story!) And that is unfrgivable. The fact that Stephanie Meyer said her mood was dark enough to let James win and kill all the Cullens should make you ashamed of yourself.

And even if Stephanie proves a kinder person that I (which I am counting on), I will always think of you as the person who tarnished the near-perfect saga. And like the books, Edward was damn near-perfect too and you’ve ruined that for her. At least for today.

So you better find a way to fix this disasterous turn of events and convince Stephanie that you are the lowliest type of scum on the planet and your actions should have no bearing on her writing or Edward’s story. If you don’t, I think there just may be a special place in hell for a person who angers and devestates millions of women with one careless action.

Think about it.

A Seriously Irate Fan


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