Unnerving news

I realized today that I after I finish The Book, I may be a young adult writer. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did. I have a few outlines of characters and plots for books about teens. And I want to write them. I’m trying to come to grips with my future by reading more young adult lit to convince myself that it is respectable. is JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer can do it, maybe writing for teens isn’t such a bad thing. Right?


One thought on “Unnerving news

  1. The way I try to look at it is that you have to write your stories – what’s in you to write. And if what you’re inspired with, what you feel totally compelled to put down on paper, is something that appeals to teens, hoorah for you. Think about how many books changed your life in your formative years, how much they meant to you. You could that for someone else.

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