Love sick?

So one of my favorite shows returned last night – Pushing Daises. I’ve been waiting for this night since last fall when it went off of the air due to the writer’s strike and didn’t come back. I was giddy with anticipation for the return of my pie maker and his untouchable girl, Chuck. Olive was running off to a nunnery, Emmerson was longing for his daughter, and Digby was helping keep Chuck alive by barking if she and Ned got too close. It was going to be a perfect night.

And then the fever came. It was only 100.4, but it was enough to have me sleeping from 6-8 pm, turning on the TV and wishing I didn’t ache everywhere so I could enjoy this long overdue premiere.

In the end, I made it though, laughed a little, sighed a lot and promptly went to bed.


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