Parasitic aliens in love

So I was sitting in the Phoenix airport on Sunday, after a long few days at a conference, sobbing as quietly as possible for twenty or so minutes all because of a book.

I had saved Stepahnie Meyer’s first adult book, The Host, specifically for this trip. Not only would I be in the author’s town, but I would be in the vicinity of the setting of the book. (Yes, I know, I’m a dork!)

I expected to love the book simply for the fact that I am obsessed with her other books. Her characters are more alive to me than some people I know. But I also expected to be a little wary of it. While vampires and werewolves don’t phase me, I have a big problem with aliens. They’re just not my type of thing. But this book is so my type of thing. Above all else, it is a love story. A wonderfully sweet, tragic love story that involves Melanie (a host body that has been invaded by an alien), Jared (Melanie’s one true love), Wanderer (the centepede like alien in Mel’s body) and Ian (the human who loves Wanderer even without Melanie’s body).

In the beginning I was rooting for Mel and Jared. But by the end, the most heart-wrenching characters were Wanderer and Ian. These are the two that broke my heart. That had me bawling surrounded by fellow passengers who kept giving me sidelong glances to make sure I was OK. And if I didn’t have as much faith in Stephanie Meyer and her love of romance, I’m not sure I would have been OK. But knowing that Bella and Edward survived it all to be together and no one stood in their way, I was banking on The Host to deliver much of the same. Lucky for me (and the passengers around me) the crying didn’t last too long.


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