Phoenix raps with the best of ’em

So I arrived in Phoenix last Thursday afternoon (a week ago yesterday), and the first thing I noticed after the inundation of brown was the City of Phoenix’s logo. At first glance, the logo whizzing by my taxi window looked familiar. The wings of a bird-like creature curved up into a “w” shape reminiscent of Wu Tang Clan. It didn’t occur to me that this was the city’s logo of a phoenix with flaming wings until the ride back to the airport. I thought the southwestern mecca simply loved its rap music.

But if Dumbledor had had a logo, I think it would have looked something like this:

(Please note: The landing was rough and I was trying not to hurl in the back of the cab on the way to the hotel, so my mind was not as clear as on the way back to Sky Harbor when I recognized what the symbol really was.)


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