Muggle Quidditch? I could totally play this game…

For the first time, ever, I wishes I lived in the northeast. At least for the weekend. This Saturday at Middlebury College, the Intercollegiate Quidditch League Tournament will be in full force. 14 teams will compete to win the illustrious title of quidditch world champions, complete with trophy and major bragging rights.

Though they won’t be flying like in Harry Potter, these athletes ride brooms around a field and play with imitation quaffles and bludgers. They have the goals positioned on the ground so the hoops are high enough in the air to be a challenge. As for the golden snitch, well, instead of a speedy golden ball, it’s a person who turns the match into a game of hide and seek, making the seekers run all over campus trying to locate him. That’s a position I could totally play.


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