I must confess, I was a dorky fan-girl and went to Hot Topic at the mall last night to hear the unveiling of the Twilight Soundtrack. I only made it though a few songs because I felt like such a dork. While I was not the oldest, I was in work clothes (ie: dressed up in heels) and did not quite mesh with the skulls and goth clothes in the store.
I very desperately wanted to hear two specific songs: Never Think by Robert Pattinson (the lovely Edward) and Bella’s Lullaby, composed specifically for the movie. But I didn’t want to be lurking around a store with lots of tweens ans teens eying me like I was out of place so I left before either song came on. So today I did what any dorky fan-girl would do after missing out on my songs – I found them on You Tube. They’re not the best quality, but I’ll take them. Enjoy.