Current obessions collide

So I’m sitting here watching Daisies and relaxing for the first time today. This is the one show I really look forward to each week and my excitement is reminiscent of the good ole’ days of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. I finally have a show that makes me giddy and girly and oh, so happy again. (I’ve missed this feeling!)

And then the first commercial of the first commercial break begins. With Edward and Bella! This is the first trailer I’ve seen on TV. And it has new scenes in it. Just a few small ones that I have not seen before that made me rewind and watch it two more times. The one I watched is not included in the clip below; I couldnd’t find it!) And each time James tells Edward he’s not strong enough and Edward replies “I’m strong enough to kill you..” I say the line out loud right along with him.

What could be better than Ned and Chuck and Edward and Bella all in a five minute time span?


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