He must really love me

A few weeks ago, I was complaining to Mark that I didn’t think I could drive to TN for Aria’s wedding knowing that Twilight came out at midnight and I hadn’t seen it yet. Those eight and a half hours seemed daunting in my current obsessive state of mind. This is the exchange that followed:

Mark: “I’ll go see it with you at midnight.”
Me: “Seriously? You’ll go see Twilight with me?”
Mark: “Yes. I know how badly you want to see it.”
Me: “You’ll go at midnight? What about having to be at work early?”
Mark: “It’s okay. I’ll deal with the lack of sleep if you want to see it before you leave.”

So I just bought my tickets to see Twilight at 12:01 am on 11/21 from www.fandango.com so he can’t back out. (though I think he actually wants to see it so he knows how the big fight with james ends. He didn’t get that far in the book on CD on the last drive from TN.)


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