Almost Perfect

We had a perfect score through the first three rounds of trivia. Bonus questions included. Things were looking up. Then Adam, the trivia host said that if out team got all questions right in the last category we would be the first team in two years to have a perfect game. So naturally, we were screwed.

And then, we got the last set of questions. Our confidence level was high. We felt pretty good about most of the answers. We at least had answers for all of them but the bonus. The questions had to do with giving the nickame of a convict, whose real name we were given. While all of us threw out any names of criminals we could think of Micha, who never talks, said was that the guy who escaped from Alcatraz? None of us knew. So we put some other answer down. We should know by now that when Micha answers, it’s right. He only answers when he knows he’s right.

So on our almost perfect round, the only question we missed was the bonus question on the very last round.


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