The movie totally rocked. Apart from a few minor things that annoyed the crap out of me, I LOVED this movie. I sat sandwiched in between Mark and Erin on an almost full row of people our friends had invited. Mark seemed annoyed but kep to his promise of not saying “Awww” once. Though he looked very much like he wanted to. Erin was so excited, she held my hand through most of the movie.

The Good:

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – they were kinda perfect as Bella and Edward. Playful and serious, and intense and gorgeous.
  • Voice overs from the book that made it feel like the book I fell in love with.
  • Their first kiss – OMG! Much more powerful than I was expecting.
  • Stupid Lamb quote was intact and exactly the way it was said in the book.
  • The music kicked ass. Especially Muse during the baseball scene. (Erin and I sang along quietly to almost every song.)
  • I cannot wait to see it again in Chatta with Mom and Karen!

The Bad:

  • Edward sparkles so much better in my head.
  • Edward shows Bella that he sparkles because he is trying to scare her, not because he’s sharing some wonderful, perfect secret with her as in the book.
  • Edward looked sick when he first smelled Bella not hungry or mad. It was sadly laughable.
  • I liked Jacob. (And I HATE Jacob!)
  • No “Stupid shiny Volvo owner”
  • If I hadn’t known the back story of why they loved each other, I probably would have been confused. And that makes me sad.