There is no excuse I can come up with that justifies my blatant disregard for updating my blog. I promise to return soon (with back-dated posts) as soon as I quit finding other things to do. For now, here is a quick list of things to blame:

  • Editing is a long and laborious process. Even when you think you’re done, you stupidly pick it up again and change things. (And find more typos!)
  • We had Christmas and New Years Eve parties and the house needed cleaning – before and after
  • My Christmas CD this year is really, really addictive.
  • I spent four whirlwind, crazy-busy days in TN.
  • I didn’t finish Half Blood Prince on CD on my drive back from TN, so I had to finish it once I was home.
  • The Twilight saga is happily back on my bookshelf – that is, when I’m not pulling them down and rereading.
  • Ash said it best: Facebook is a time-sucking void.
  • I contracted something that loosely resembled the plague, but I think I may be recovering.

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