On to the next…Almost

Fear that I only ever had one complete book in me has been haunting me for years. Brewing under the surface and bubbling violently over into reality when the prospect of finally completing the first novel seemed too daunting a task.

That all changed on the drive to work yesterday. I had a name stuck in my head along with a picture of a cupcake from the bookmark of my new Real Simple subscription (thanks Mom!). That’s all it took.

Now if I can ever finish editing and then draft and edit a query letter to find myself an agent (literary agent that is), I will actually write a second book. And it will revolve around two sisters and a cupcakery (a cupcake bakery that is). Harper and Jack are already blabbing away in my head but I must resist the temptation to really listen until Reminders is complete.

Must not, must not, must not write anything new. Yet.

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