A Wax Lion of my very own

A few months ago I found the quirky, lovable, incredibly fantastic show, Wonderfalls. Like all of the shows I adore, it was canceled well before its time. (Only three episodes aired, but luckily a full 13-episode season was released on DVD.)

While browsing ebay, I came across a Wax Lion, one of the main figurines from the show that talks to main character Jaye and convinces her to do things to help people. I immediately plunked down the money and snatched this little gem up. Then I received an email from the seller to tell me when it would ship. This is what his email said:

“Your lion will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail first thing in the morning. However, should he start talking to you when he gets there, I would strongly suggest that you seek professional help immediately!


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