Book title freak out

Over the past few months, I’ve been furiously working on “the book”. Copyediting, rewriting, cutting, rearranging. I’ve been reading books on structure, scene, character, how to get published, what not to do, etc. Now I’ve hit the proverbial wall. The book has had a name for eight plus years. And I love the name. But after all of my reading, I’m not sure the name is doing the book any favors. It may be time to edit it too. Would any of these names capture your attention on the book shelf?

  • Reminders Of Them
  • Dwell
  • The Nature of Things Come & Gone
  • Tended
  • Kindred
  • The Weight of Silence
  • The Downside of Love
  • The Color of Solitude
  • Placeholders

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