Harry Potter & The Fangirls of Won Won

Man it’s nice to have such dorky fangirl friends. We got to geek out over our love of “Won Won” at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince last night. We took pictures with our tickets, the movie poster out front, the life size display inside, and of course with Krysti’s Griffindor scarf. The boys even managed to have a good time despite our craziness.

The movie itself was fantastic! They had to cut a considerable amount from the book, but they still ended up with a strong, cohesive movie that was visually stunning. And they kept one of my favorites scenes from the whole series: Hermione sicking the birds on Ron when he and Lavender hook up. Despite the dark nature of the story, the movie managed to achieve many laugh out loud moments. I kinda want to go see it again. Like now.


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