Set your water on fire

I drink vitaminwater everyday at work. Formula 50 (when I can find it), Energy, Multi-V and XXX. So when I found their new contest to name the next flavor – Black Cherry Lime – and write the copy for the bottle I was stoked. My first entry used their Mad-Lib style format to create the copy and I named it Verve. My second, however, I thought up on my drive home from work tonight. Though I can’t seem to draft decent copy at work to save my life, I think I nailed this one. Maybe it’s the tone. The sacrastic, snarky, wittiness that comes with vitaminwater. But I’m damn proud of Ignite and think I should win. Wouldn’t you agree?

“Some days it’s a struggle to do…well anything. We know you’d rather curl up with the fuzzy animal of your choice and the latest How-Well-Do-You-Know-X quiz on Facebook. But let’s face it, life’s hard. You have to go to school or work or whatever it is that the day demands of you. But the full range of vitamins A to Zinc plus caffeine in this very bottle can be the spark to set your world on fire. So get your mitts on Ignite and get your butt out the door.”


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