February 4th should have been a normal day. I should have been sending off emails and presents to nephew Blayden for his 1st birthday. I should have been going to work. I should have been complaining about how there was no Vampire Diaries on that evening.

Instead, I awoke to a left foot that was still asleep. And though I got up and began my day, the lazy foot convinced the leg that maybe they should play hooky. After an hour of my foot feeling “off” and starting to twitch like a leaf being tugged in the wind, Mark convinced me to go to the doctor. Being Little Miss Independent, I sent Mark off to work and drove myself – stupid lazy leg and all – to the doctor.

Then I had a minor seizure. Right there in the parking lot, strapped into my car where no one would notice me. Or so I kept thinking during the 1-2  minute ordeal. I honked my horn like and crazy and two amazing people in the parking lot came running over to help me. Thank God for good Samaritans. I don’t know who they were, but that day, they were my best friends.

Long story (kinda) short: an MRI revealed I have a cavernous angioma that may or may not have to be removed. You can see it in my scan over there. Yeah, that big globular looking thing. That 2 cm little cluster of blood vessels is wreaking a whole lotta havoc on my life right now. At least no one can say “there’s nothing up there”.