For my birthday, the girls surprised me with dinner at the Little Dipper. And our waiter, Zach, is quite possibly the best waiter I’ve ever had. Not only didn’t he mind our giggling fits and dirty humor, he joined in. We played him “Pregnant Women Are Smug” after a pregnant women was seated in his section and when we ordered the Turtle desert fondue, he earned the title of best waiter ever:

Us: We want the Turtle style.

Zach: That’s my favorite. (sly smile) Do you like nuts?

Us: (riotous fits of laughter)

Zach: Thank God someone finally did that. I say that every time and all I get is ‘yes’,

‘no’ or ‘yeah, they’re okay’. I’m so glad y’all got it.

Then he brought out a piece of cheesecake for my birthday and written around the plate in chocolate was this: