10 Things I Love About Lindsey Shaw

As the rebellious, taming-of-the-shrew type character, Kat Stratford, in ABC Family’s 10 Things I Hate About You, Lindsey Shaw is nothing short of brilliant. Witty and charming, gorgeous and endearing, she knows how to win over a die-hard fan of the original 90s movie. Here are 10 reasons why I love her (and why you should too):

10. She’s the 2010 Azalea Festival Queen.

9. She does snark almost as well as Kristen Bell.

8. She dances barefoot (at least at the Garden party).

7. She’s even more beautiful in person.

6. She’s very gracious to excited young fans (and much older fangirls).

5. She keeps her tomboy edge while donning a fancy dress and crown.

4. She has crazy chemistry with Ethan Peck, which makes Kat and Patrick  one of my favorite TV couples.

3. She said “…North Carolina is good for the soul.”

2. She’s the type of girl I’d kill to be friends with.

1. She didn’t laugh at me when I asked to have my picture taken with her…


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