Yep. NaNoWriMo is on its way. And this year, I’m trying something new. Young Adult.

I read enough of it, I figured that must mean something, right? So, here’s to writing books for teenage girls. Hell, who am I kidding? Here’s to writing books about teenage girls that 30-somethings will want to read too!

The Imagineaires: When rule-breaker Luca Grabel drowns at eight years old, she doesn’t go to heaven. Instead she becomes an imaginary friend. She gets assigned to Katie Tayloe, her best friend from life, and they spend the next nine years living almost like nothing ever happened. But they only have a month left. When Katie turns 18, Luca will get reassigned and they’ll never see each other again. And with her crush, Josh Burnley, suddenly able to see her, and the chance at a once-in-an-afterlife romance within her grasp, she has even more incentive to find a loophole. It’ll take all of her cunning to avoid a reassignment that would be worse than death.