Whew, where did November go? Somehow I managed to get my 50,000 words while having various (wonderful) houseguests here for 14 days out of 30. And I’m honestly not sure how.

I always go into NaNo thinking that last year it was so hard to get through, that I struggled to make word count or got stuck somewhere with my plot and had no clue how to get going again. But somehow I always make it through. So, maybe for me NaNo is kind of like childbirth, but opposite. Instead of forgetting how difficult and painful it was like new moms once they have a squalling baby in their arms, I remember that bringing my novel into the world was frantic and frustrating and draining. And then when I make it through another 50,000 words in 30 days ( with a hellofa good start on a book I’m in love with), I’m surprised that I did it again.

But every time I do, I’m incredibly thankful that I still had at least one more book in me. Hopefully that’ll never change.