Paging Lorelai and Rory Gilmore

Despite the unfortunate name, Bunheads is actually a brilliant show. It’s got heart, drama, witty dialogue that makes me laugh uncontrollably, quirky townspeople, beautiful background melodies from Sam Phillips, and pop culture references, only half of which I get. And coming from the genius behind Gilmore Girls, I expect nothing less.

But what makes it even better are all of the GG actors who pop up and make me smile on a weekly basis. From main characters like Emily and Paris and Kirk and Zach to unforgettable supporting characters like Tom and Gypsy and Jason. Every time someone new arrives, I smile and tell them hi by name.

Now I’m just waiting on the Gilmore girls themselves to stumble upon Paradise on one of their crazy road trips and see Fanny so Lorelai can say, “That’s the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen!” and Fanny can ask (in her best Emily Gilmore voice), “What is?” and Lorelai will say, “You look just like my mother.” and Rory will add, “Except not as scary.”

C’mon, you know it’s gotta happen at some point with Amy Sherman Palladino, right?

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