One Sentence Query Pitch Contest

The HSG Agency ran a one sentence query pitch contest on Tumblr last week. Do you know how difficult it is to boil down an 85,000 word YA paranormal romance into one sentence that excites said literary agents enough that they’ll select you as the winner and want to read 50 pages of your novel? Really difficult. Nerve-rackingly difficult. Verging on impossible difficult.

But I did it (!!!).

Here’s what got their attention: “In my YA paranormal romance THE ART OF BREAKING, imaginary friend Luca Grable must give up her dreams of trying to be a normal teenager—and the chance at a once-in-an-afterlife romance—or risk breaking the Imaginary world beyond repair.”

Now, I wait with fingers crossed and breath held for their response to my 50 pages.


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