Going for it (and possibly blowing it)

An author I follow on Twitter, Brenda Drake, hosted an Adult Only Pitch Party (get your mind out of the gutter, geez!), wherein writers could post a 35-word max pitch and the first 150 words of their completed manuscript. On a high from finishing my revisions to Love & Cupcakes, I submitted it. I knew it was something I could totally regret. But I did it anyway.

And then I waited. And I checked back more often than I wish to admit, looking to see if anyone had commented on mine, terrified no one would, and looking to see how many agents had commented already.

Those two days while agents read and requested were like waiting for book three in a trilogy—excitement and anticipation and I’m-not-going-to-make-it-if-I-have-to-wait-one-minute-longer desperation and a little bit of dread thrown in for good measure.

But I had one, then two, then a few more responses. As of Sunday, I had four agents and one editor ask to see more. And of that, so far I’ve already had two requests for fulls. (Insert copious amounts of excited flailing here!)

And I attribute this to the fact that after three years of being so totally in love with my opening paragraphs, I realized that what I’d heard from a number of people was right. My opening was interesting and well-written, but it was all TELLING. No showing. And just last week I rewrote it to bring my MC Jack right into some sort of action that showed her magical ability instead of my flowery explanation of it. And damn if it didn’t work to entice people to want to read it.

Here’s hoping the rest of my revisions go over as well.


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