I’m All Official And Stuff

Hi, my name is Susan and I’m a Goodreads addict.

I add books to my to-read list obsessively. Right now I’m sitting at 44. And these aren’t just pie-in-the-sky, I’ll-read-them-one-day books. They are books I cannot wait to devour. Lately I’ve been getting in 3-4 a week (when I’m not working on a serious revision). And as soon as I’ve finished one, I jump on my phone to my handy-dandy little Goodreads app and give it a starred rating. (I’m terrible about writing actual reviews, but I always, always rate them!)

And now my debut novel Love and Cupcakes is on Goodreads! It’s got its own page and people have already started adding it to their to-read lists. And the coolest part? They’re not all just people I know! Also, I now have my own author page, ’cause I’m all official and stuff. Go check me out!


3 thoughts on “I’m All Official And Stuff

    • Oh, thank you, Ron! I’m stupidly excited about it. I didn’t think about posting it, but I should have! So excited for your agent offer. Please keep me posted on it.

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