Confessions of an Anti-Social Writer

Writing for me is a very solitary thing. Just ask M and our friends. I disappear when I write. I get lost in my own little world and think/eat/sleep/breathe my characters and their heartbreak and their joy. It’s what makes me tick. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am that the non-fictional people in my life get this.

But over the past few months, I have become quite reliant on a few of my online writing friends when it comes to my WIPs. I can’t count the number of emails and Twitter conversations where we talk about my characters and theirs like they are mutual friends. I’m pretty sure these girls are my soul mates (you know, aside from M who will always have my heart!). They are wicked smart, seriously talented, funny as hell, and not only are they not scared off by my obsessive fangirling of well, pretty much everything, they typically join in. We even have our own catch phrase thanks to Rebekah: One for all, and all for fangirling!”

I’m not nervous about sending them work that no one else has seen. I know they will respect my stories, even when they see major flaws in it. They’re not shy in telling me when something flat out doesn’t make sense or if a character is acting completely out of character or when they are so in love with a character I half expect to get some fanfiction in my inbox. And I practically beg them for new pages each week because I am that invested in their stories and characters. I get lost in their worlds and have to force myself to read it like a critiquer and not a fangirl.

The fact that they have such strong opinions on what my characters look like (evidenced by the fact that Rebekah and I sent multiple emails to each other this weekend with photos of potential Maths from TAoB) reinforces my belief that my books will resonate with readers. And the fact that I’ve have threatened to fly to Texas and yell at Rebekah on more than one occasion if she even thinks about killing a character I love or if she doesn’t stop ripping my heart open with beautifully tortured characters, and how many times I write “LOVE” in the margins of Jessica’s manuscript and beg her to finish it so I can devour the whole story, and Sam’s creative and magical plots that make me wish I had thought of them tells me that their books will take the world by storm. And I will be first in line to buy them.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Anti-Social Writer

  1. Rebekah says:

    I’m torn between blushing uncontrollably and sobbing.

    Ok, I have myself under control. First, I think it should be said that Math is my book husband. We’re involved. Second, the threats were stronger and much more profanity filled. Third, there will be no standing in line. There will be ARCs and reserved seats at signings, and oh wouldn’t it be awesome to go on tour together someday?!?!

    Even if that doesn’t happen (although, I feel inclined to believe with your “can do” spirit and my tendency to not understand the word “no”, we can convince anyone to do almost anything) the support now, and hopefully for always, is incredible. Truthfully, I never realized how I needed other writers until I took Nova’s class and found you all. Like you said, I just wrote, and I still just write, but now I know I have somewhere else to turn when I get stuck. And to people I respect, who know my characters, and might see a way out that I can’t. It’s a huge thing.

    One for all, and all for fangirling!

    • So, I started writing this on Monday, and our Twitter convo last night made me all sorts of grateful for you. And yes, my threats are much stronger than I let on above. But sometimes you deserve them for breaking my heart.

      And oh, hell yes, lets get published and go on tour together! Adding it to my life goals list now.

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