Character Theme Songs for Love and Cupcakes

Music is a huge part of my life (as I briefly discussed here). And since my life is writing, it figures that music is an integral part of my writing process. I know some writers crave coffee shops or comfy chairs or absolute solitude to write. But not me. All I need is music.

For every novel I write, I develop a playlist that captures the feel of the place, the characters, the mood. Some songs just sound right musically. Others fit lyrically. Some amazingly do both. And I listen to it over and over and over as I write. It gives me a rhythm to work to. It gives me emotions to play off of. And sometimes it helps me figure out something about a character that I hadn’t noticed before.

In addition to my playlists, I always start my manuscripts with an epigraph taken from song lyrics that really speak to the heart of my characters and story. Sometimes I come across a song without meaning to and know it’s the theme song for my book. Other times, I have to go digging. And I might not find the right one until the book is almost finished. But in the end, the lyrics I attach to my words feel like they were meant to be together, and I can’t hear the song without thinking of the book (which I kinda love!).

So, as I’m gearing up for my first round of edits and revisions from my editor on Love and Cupcakes (holy wow, I’m about to get editorial notes form my editor for my book that’s going to be published!), I thought I’d share the songs that, to me, simply scream Jack and Graham.

Spun Sugar – Beth Waters (Jack)

Living in A Dream – Finger Eleven (Graham)


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