One of my dear, dear friends got married (well, technically she got married in 2012 but they just had a wedding!) this past weekend. As a bridesmaid’s gift, she gave us Mockinjay necklaces! Yes, there was lots of squeeing and hugging and holy-shit-that’s-awesome-ing.


But what makes this gift even cooler (I know it’s hard to believe it can be cooler, but trust me it can), is that when L and I met back in 2006 she wasn’t a reader. Like at all. She read what she had to for school, but past that she just wasn’t that interested. Then came Twilight (don’t judge me!). After E and I bonded over Twilight and Potter and Buffy one night, we forced Twilight on L and K, ’cause let’s face it, I’m  book pusher. Hard core. Which led to the four of us becoming inseparable (C4!).


And while L was hesitant at first to dabble in YA, she soon realized what all the reading fuss was about. Since then, she’s happily read every book and/or series I’ve forced on her (Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent!!) plus a whole slew of others. So the fact that she not only gave us Mockingjay necklaces but wanted us to wear them to her very classy wedding, was so f-ing amazing for this book nerd.