13 Songs That Rocked My World in 2013

Little known fact about me (for most of you anyway): Inside, I’m a tatted up, hair-dyed, hard rockin’ fangirl. On the outside, I’m much more presentable, with my one tattoo on my hip where no one sees it. I’m thinking about changing that though. But for now, I’ll have to settle for expressing myself through my top 13 songs of the year.

These are the songs I listened on repeat and sang my heart out to in the privacy of my own car. Most of them are loud, angry, passionate, and f-ing brilliant. (Insert parental advisory here.) And I heart them all so damn much for what they make me feel.
Asking Too Much – All That Remains

Beyond the Stars – Evans Blue

Dancing with the Dead – 10 Years

Paralyzed – Red Line Chemistry

Love the Way You Hate Me – Like a Storm

One for the Money – Escape the Fate

Fly On the Wall – Thousand Foot Krutch

There’s No Going Back – Sick Puppies

Remember Me – Emphatic

Towers – Young Guns

Breaking Through – The Wreckage

Remember – Three Years Hollow

America – Motionless in White


2 thoughts on “13 Songs That Rocked My World in 2013

    • Haha. Well, not to you, who knows me so well. 😉 And yes, I write to a lot of this. Especially the new WIP. You know, some of this just screams grim reapers and star – crossed lovers.

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