Cover Reveal: Prom and Prejudice

If you haven’t read the first three installments in the Snark and Circumstance series, what are you waiting for? These novellas are adorable and fun and wonderfully frustrating as you fly through the pages to see if Georgia and Michael can figure out their issues and get together already! I cannot wait for the fourth one, Prom and Prejudice, to come out in May. And I practically begged Stephanie to let me share the cover on my blog. So, here it is…

PromGoodreads Summary:

Georgia Barrett is beginning to realize that her arch-preppie lab partner, Michael Endicott, is not at all the snob-hole she once thought. Too bad Georgia doesn’t see him for who he really is until he starts dating a poised and polished senior.

Georgia knows she should settle for his friendship, especially since telling him how she really feels would mean risking losing him altogether. But her heart tells her a chance at love might just be worth dropping her trusty shield of snark. And Georgia’s determined to find out.


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