I’m not exaggerating when I say that there are days I’d much rather spend with fictional people than real ones (with a few very special exceptions). And one of the fictional characters I LoVe most is Veronica Mars, a snarky, adorable, wicked-smart teenage PI.

When Rob Thomas and Kristin Bell started a campaign to raise money to make a Veronica Mars movie, I didn’t even have to think about supporting it. In fact, it was more like “Shut up and take my money!” As a backer, I’ve got my t-shirt, my stickers, and my poster (not to mention the digital download and DVD that will come my way in the coming days/months). Plus my name is on the official movie website, which kinda kicks ass.



And now the movie is finally in theaters. And my girls and I are going tomorrow in our backer shirts (Krysti and me), LoVe shirt (Lindsay), and Mars Investigations shirt (Erin) to fangirl all over the place for characters we have loved (and missed) for years. I have all sorts of faith in these writers and actors to do these characters justice. And to give LoVe the happy ending they need. Team Logan all the way.