My Love Affair with Lacuna Coil

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled book blog to fangirl about Lacuna Coil, an Italian hard rock band. M and I are SERIOUS fans. They are M’s favorite band and are sitting pretty in my top five. In the last three years, we’ve seen them four times. Back in 2012, we drove to Jacksonville, FL for Welcome to Rockville because Lacuna Coil was playing there and not at the almost exact same concert (Carolina Rebellion) a week later in NC.

We’ve been lucky enough to see them twice this year and it’s only the beginning of May. And I have to admit, I am nursing a major crush on bassist Marco. (Which dovetails nicely with M’s crush on lead singer Cristina.) I mean, who wouldn’t love hot, talented Italians who rock so effing hard you can’t hear for a day after their show? At their concert this February in Wilmington, I came home with a bass pick that I swear Marco threw specifically to me (you know, since it hit my chest in the middle of the show). And last weekend, I came home with a drumstick (!!!) that I snagged at the end of the show.


I desperately try to take pictures of them at every concert, but fate seems to think it’s funny as hell to make them all blurry. But I’m posting a few anyway ‘cause I adore them so much I can’t keep these pictures to myself. Their new CD Broken Crown Halo came out in April and it is amazing. I am *slightly* obsessed with it. You need to go buy it. NOW.








5 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Lacuna Coil

  1. Just came across your blog! HOW have I never heard of this group?! This is right up my alley. I’m glad another writer likes rock as much as I do. Thanks for widening my song list!

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