Dear writer (and reader) friends,
I’m working on a new book. (!!!) A book I am seriously excited about. It’s an adult magical realism romance that involves hot chocolate that makes the drinker dream of their future and mood-altering caramels and truffles and other handmade chocolates and a compass that always points a little girl to the people she will love. And, of course, it involves a love story.

But I have this dilemma. This new WIP is mostly from my MC Penelope’s point of view. But–and this is a big but and my entire reason for writing this post–I have a few, maybe 5 out of 55, scenes that would work much better from love interest Noah’s POV. I don’t want to do complete split-POV story, but I really want a little of his side in there. These scenes would come at strategic points in the story, and (hopefully) add a little more tension and swoony moments. But I’m worried only having a few of these scenes would be jarring for the reader. I’m still early in my drafting, and trying to figure out if I need to add more Noah scenes from the start or if I need to scrap the whole multiple POV thing and rework the plan for those 5 scenes before I even get to them.

So, what do y’all think of having a small number of scenes from Noah’s POV? Can it work or would it be distracting? Have you seen other books do this successfully? Thoughts? Suggestions?

A (temporarily) POV-challenged writer