My friend Edith wrote this really fantastic post about adding magic to stories. It’s a perfect fit to the end of the magic realism blog hop, so I wanted to share.

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Hi there! I’m Edith Cohn, author of SPIRIT’S KEY, and I’m going to share some thoughts about how to enrich your main character’s arc with magic. By magic I mean an ability, power or talent. This ability can be fantastical, paranormal or even quite real. After all, isn’t there a bit of magic in someone with a talent for the violin, someone who can draw or cook amazing food? So if you are writing a contemporary novel, you may still find this useful. Just substitute the word “magic” for “talent.”

Second, you’ll need to have already decided on what your main character’s magic is going to be in order to get the most out of this. If your main character doesn’t have a special ability, consider giving him or her one! Everyone has passions. And giving your character a special ability can go a long way toward creating a memorable…

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