Reading Rewind: Spirit’s Key


This week I did some betareading for a friend’s fun YA zombie book (you can see the cover reveal here). I also read an ARC of my friend Edith’s upcoming middle grade book. I’ve already pre-ordered a copy for me and one for my 10-year old niece. I highly recommend you go ahead and order yours too because this book is that good.

Goodreads Summary:

By now, twelve-year-old Spirit Holden should have inherited the family gift: the ability to see the future. But when she holds a house key in her hand like her dad does to read its owner’s destiny, she can’t see anything. Maybe it’s because she can’t get over the loss of her beloved dog, Sky, who died mysteriously. Sky was Spirit’s loyal companion, one of the wild dogs that the local islanders believe possess dangerous spirits. As more dogs start dying and people become sick, too, almost everyone is convinced that these dogs and their spirits are to blame—except for Spirit. Then Sky’s ghost appears, and Spirit is shaken. But his help may be the key to unlocking her new power and finding the cause of the mysterious illness before it’s too late.

My Thoughts:

Spirit’s Key is a beautifully written story of loss and friendship and one girl’s struggle to fight for what she believes in. Spirit is feisty and brave and stubborn and a little reckless, yet still manages to wear her heart on her sleeve. And it’s that attitude that will draw readers in from the first page. Then they’ll get caught up in the story itself. The death of her beloved dog Sky sets in motion an island-wide mystery that only Spirit can solve, but as she delves deeper into what is killing the wild dogs on her island, she finds not only her latent Holden-family magic but also a few human friends who had been there all along, just waiting for her to notice them. This story is magical and delightful and at times heartbreaking. And it’s one that I would recommend to kids and adults alike.


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