Summer Writing Anthem

Wanna know a secret? Writing is hard. Don’t get me wrong, it is also fun and exciting and such a huge damn rush. But it’s a lot of hard work. And some days, when you’ve gotten a really nice, encouraging I-love-so-much-about-this-but-still-no rejection it feels like there’s not a whole lot left to give. But writing isn’t something that writers can just quit. (At least not for the writers who are doing it for the pure passion of it, not just to pass the time).

Right now, I’m waiting on a number of responses from people about my writing–from agents, my editor, Pitch Wars mentors. I’m hoping they come back to me with good news. I’m hoping they’ll want me and my books. But as much as I love to live in the fantasy worlds I create, I’m also a realist. I know not everything’s gonna work out my way. And that’s okay. Rejection won’t kill me. I’ve been there before and I know I’ll be there again. That’s just part of life. Especially the life of someone who puts their heart on a page and willingly puts it in front of other people.

Lacuna Coil, one of my favorite bands (who I fangirl about a lot on this blog), just released a video for the song that’s been my writing anthem this year. It seemed appropriate to share it as a reminder to never give up on the things you want. And to never let anything stand in your way.

Side note: My husband called me last night most of the way through my 8-hour drive to tell me that as soon as I stopped driving I needed to watch this. He knows that my crush on bassist Marco rivals his crush on lead singer Cristina! And seriously just look at how effing adorable they are in this video?


2 thoughts on “Summer Writing Anthem

  1. Omg, Sus! We totally wrote about the same thing today. FREAKY.

    I have my fingers crossed so tightly for you, and even though I’m not an agent or an editor or a Pitch Wars mentor, I still love your work so much and it means a whole lot to me! Good luck! ❤ ❤

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