Reading Rewind: Mr. Kiss and Tell


This week I’ve been revising one of my manuscripts, but I took a break to read the newest Veronica Mars book, because LoVe.


Goodreads Summary:

In the second book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series, Veronica Mars is back with a case that will expose the hidden workings of one of Neptune’s most murderous locations.

The Neptune Grand has always been the seaside town’s ritziest hotel, despite the shady dealings and high-profile scandals that seem to follow its elite guests. When a woman claims that she was brutally assaulted in one of its rooms and left for dead by a staff member, the owners know that they have a potential powder keg on their hands. They turn to Veronica to disprove—or prove—the woman’s story.

The case is a complicated mix of hard facts, mysterious occurrences, and uncooperative witnesses. The hotel refuses to turn over its reservation list and the victim won’t divulge who she was meeting that night. Add in the facts that the attack happened months ago, the victim’s memory is fuzzy, and there are holes in the hotel’s surveillance system, and Veronica has a convoluted mess on her hands. As she works to fill in the missing pieces, it becomes clear that someone is lying—but who? And why?

My Thoughts:

Mr. Kiss and Tell is a fun mystery wrapped up in the wonderful world of Veronica Mars. The story has the same tenacity and snark and relationship drama of the TV show, which is exactly what I want from these books. I know these characters so well, it’s like watching them in my head with the actors’ faces and voices playing out each scene. It seems like the writers tried a little too hard in places to use characters/familiar names from the series and bring up events from the show as a nod to the fans, which wasn’t necessary (at least for me!). As long as I’m getting my core characters, I don’t need all the extra stuff to keep me around. As long as they keep writing these books, I will keep reading.


2 thoughts on “Reading Rewind: Mr. Kiss and Tell

    • Veronica Mars is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I think you would like it. It’s smart and witty and sarcastic, with a whole lot of heart. I highly recommend it. 🙂

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