WriterRecharge 2015

Two weeks in and I’m doing okay. Could be better, but making progress even if it’s not on what I thought my goals should be. (For details on how Writer Recharge works, click HERE.) Here’s the breakdown of what that I accomplished this week:

Write/Rewrite: Awaiting feedback from my CPs who are reading my revision of WISHES TO NOWHERE. And I sent the list of changes to my Pitch Wars mentor, who loved the ideas so I’m feeling good about what I’ve done to this story. As for writing, I did not make much word count progress on my WIP. I wanted to write 2,000 words this week, but I realized I still had some character development that will be key to the story (it’s centered on a scavenger hunt so the other teams in the hunt will be vital to the plot in places, so I need to know who these characters are). I managed to get those characters planned as well as maybe 500 words this week, so not a total fail.

Read: I started reading Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer this week. Not very far in yet, but I’m really enjoying it. I hope to finish it this week.

Self: I worked out five days this week. Even though the two 14-day challenges I’m doing aren’t long workouts, I feel better for doing them every day.

Fun: I go get my new tattoo on Thursday!!! (Oh, wait, was that too much enthusiasm? Will it make my other goals feel bad? *reins it in*) Everyone’s comments about how much they like the tattoo idea made me even more excited about getting it. So, thank you! ❀ Feeling empowered and unselfconscious as I go into the week. I will post a photo in next week’s update.

Okay, that’s it. Hope y’all have a great week!