This past weekend I traveled out to Texas for the North Texas Teen Book Fest. I seriously could not have picked a better one for my first book festival. Not only did I get to go with some of my closest writing friends, I also got to see/talk to/flail over some of my absolute favorite authors, including Nova Ren Suma, Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Leigh Bardugo. There were countless others whose books I’ve read and enjoyed the hell out of, but these ladies manage to speak right to my soul as a reader and as a writer. And I got to share the same space with them. (And you know, politely force them into pictures with us!)


Rebekah, Sarah Rees Brennan, Leigh Bardugo, Me, and Stephanie


Rebekah, Nova Ren Suma, and me hanging out after the fest.

We didn’t go to as many panels as we’d planned (I mean, c’mon, why would anyone put Book Boyfriends 101 in the smallest room available???) and we didn’t do as much writing/plotting as we’d planned during the rest of the weekend (I mean, there was Gilmore Girls to watch and good luck pie* to bake and eat and Manhattans to drink).


Me, Rebekah, and Courtney (with the good-luck pie)

But I came home so inspired. I want to write. And I have ideas. (Thank God for new ideas!) Ideas for how to fix my overly-complicated adult magical realism WIP and how to rework the opening to my YA WIP that seems to make almost everyone HATE my MC’s best friend (though it’s why I love her!). And it’s all thanks to those amazing, hysterical, smart, witty, talented women.

*Side note: If you’re curious about the good-luck pie, I’ll be posting some news on Monday!