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How I did on last week’s goals:

  • Plot out new YA book: After some seriously frustrating days of trying to turn my shiny new YA idea into something it really did not want to be (and something I really wasn’t excited to write), I finally decided to just write the kind of book I wanted to write and out came a brand new, shiny, swoony book idea (all about kissing and good luck and curses) and I now have a full chapter-by-chapter initial plot outlined, plus character development sheets and lots of fun ideas. Win!
  • Write 1,500 words in new YA book: So, yeah, I only got about 500 words this week. But see the above goal and the below goal, so I wasn’t totally unproductive!
  • (More) UNEXPECTED WORK: I knocked out all of the second round of edits from my editor (which were really just tweaking a few final things from the first round) and created a list of potential (well, really, I-would-die-if-these-authors-blurbbed-my-book) blurbers. Things are moving forward nicely, so we’ll see what comes next!

My goal(s) for this week:

  • Write 1,500 words in new YA book
  • Start reading I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN (both for fun and research purposes)

A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

This new YA story is about two sisters who have the ability to give a year of good luck to a boy if she kisses him during the mysterious love-fueled Kissing Season. Here are the opening lines:

You know that saying, “A kiss for good luck”? It originated with my family.

The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write):

Ugh. This week was so fraught with challenges. But the biggest one was learning not to fight myself. I had it in my head that my YA books need to SAY SOMETHING on a larger scale to be good. There are so many amazing books that do a beautiful job of saying something important about teens/society/diversity/what have you while still telling a gorgeous story. I had to be okay with telling a good story that has components of those ideas, but doing it in my way, which is much lighter and magical and swoony. I’m not saying my books won’t be important, because I really hope they will be to some readers. But I don’t need to try so damn hard to make it something that it’s not. I am who I am. My books are what they are. And I love them. That is more than good enough. 🙂

Something I love about my WIP:

I love that I’m trying something new (writing in first person and in dual timelines) but it still feels 100% like me. I’m challenging myself and hopefully continuing to grow as a writer, but at the same time making sure I am true to myself and the kinds of stories I am good at telling.